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US Funding Services, LLC (USFS) is an intermediary for a variety of financial product offerings providing debt, equity, and working capital solutions for its clients. USFS is located in Exton, PA with sales offices in York, PA and Atlanta, GA. USFS is an approved broker with financial entities throughout the United States that include publicly-traded banks, publicly-traded REIT’s, publicly-traded non-bank financial institutions, and privately-held financiers. These financial entities provide national, and often international, solutions for clients. Unlike heavily regulated banks, these alternative sources can often provide solutions that are “outside of the box".

These institutions have specific broker channels and accompanying staff to provide support to this very important source of business for them. Compensation to USFS is provided by the financial entity and is priced into their product offerings. USFS has found that, given the efficiencies in the capital markets and the low overhead associated with utilizing networks of brokers, financial solutions for clients are – more often than not – a less expensive route for clients versus a traditional financial institution. Further, many situations are deemed to be “not bankable,” and the utilization of alternative institutions has proven to be critical to the success or even survival of some clients.
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